The products which we deal are:
SKF bearing
logoWe are the leading supplier of SKF bearing products which are the best in the market , the products are the high precision mechanical components that are critical and operates smoothly. The bearing lines ensures that it gives long service life in a wide variety of applications and industries we serve. We offer product line offering which includes deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, precision electric motor quality ball bearings, mounted units, agricultural bearings, miniature bearings and specialty bearings.
Wire and Cable
logoLaxmi hardware and electricals provide polycab wire and cable products which are completely shockproof , have high tensile strength, excellent conductivity,longer life, are available in varied lengths and at nominal rates.

These wires fulfills all the safety standards to be used by the customer.
Power Tools
logoWe are the leading suppliers of different Bosch and Hitachi power tools which are drills, metalworking,finishers,routers and saws.These products are supplied to our high profile clients who are satisfied with the varied range of products as per their needs.
Pipes and Fittings
logoWe are the supplier of quality pipes and fittings. Customer requirements are studied in detail so that the products which are in demand in the market are supplied to the consumers.
Hand Tools
logoLaxmi hardware has a wide range of hardware tools to supply which are axes, mauls & hatchets, chisels, files & punches, fastening tools ,hammers, hand saws & cutting tools, hand tool sets, hex keys, knives & blades, lubricants, grease & funnels, measure & layout tools.

These tools are widely used in many industrial applications.
Safety Products
logoThe safety items are the safety helmets, safety gloves, ear plug, body protection suits, face shields. All of these are high quality products as it is used in very critical purpose in industrial and manufacturing sectors.

All the safety guidelines are followed for the supply of these products.
Welding Products
logoThe welding products are of different types to be used for the industrial and manufacturing units.These products are gas welding products, arc welding products, welding machines and filler metal products.

The products are of high quality to eliminate all the defects, as it is used for critical purpose.
Nuts and Bolts
logoThe nuts and bolts supplied by us are of high quality as we understand the requirement of the customers in detail. We are the leading supplier of standard hexagon bolts / screws,hexagon nuts,carriage bolts,shoulder bolts,friction grip bolts and nuts, bolts for wind energy and windmills, wheel bolts,track shoe bolts and nuts.

These nuts and bolts are supplied as per the requirements of the customer.
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